DrumPad - Free

Drum like it is 1988. DrumPad - Free is a homage to the original 1988 DRP-1 Drum Pad including retro drumsounds and 8 different preset rhythms. To summarize: a retro drumpad and drumcomputer in your pocket!

DrumPad features:
- 7 original retro sounds: bass drum, snare drum, synthe drum, cow bell, hand clap, claves and hi-hat.
- 8 different preset drumkit rhythms
- Start, stop and adjust the tempo of the preset drumkit rhythms
- Operates exactly like the original
- One easter egg ;-)

The story behind DrumPad - Free is that my younger sister and I played with the original for hours during our childhood. And now, 23 years later it's still fun! So that's the reason I decided to bring this funny, nowadays very rare, toy to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Available on the App Store

    © 2011 DrumPad - Free and DrumPad - Pro are Apps of Tim de Roode and Duraserve The Netherlands.